Planting Grass in the Spring

Spring is upon us and it is now time to start getting your lawn into shape before the heat of Summer. It is imperative before reseeding your lawn to rake away the dead spots that may have developed during the Winter.

Some Tips For Planting Grass to Consider;

The most ideal time for starting a new lawn is typically late-March (or when the snow stops and ice melts) and no later than mid-June.

It would be a good idea to aerate and dethatch (removal of dead foliage) the lawn prior to laying fresh seed down. Doing this to the entire lawn will allow better water filtration and prevents any impedence to proper grass growth.  We offer a quality organic-based topdressing soil that is perfect for reseeding and touching up other spots in the yard.

When it comes to applying starter fertilizer, the best type to use has a 12-12-12 composition. This contains the correct set of nutrients to insure healthy root and grass development while it is sprouting. It is typically ideal to apply the fertilizer as soon as the grass seed has been planted or shortly thereafter.

Afterwards,  apply a light layer of straw to help reduce erosion and conserve moisture. For sunny lawns, that means not to rake the straw off until the Bluegrass has came in. This may take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks based on soil and weather conditions.

Otherwise, wait until approximately 2 to 3 mowings before removing the straw to prevent stripping the underdeveloped grass.

Differences Between Annual, Biennial, and Perennial

There may be some confusion between the terms annual, biennial, and perennial when planting. These are very important terms to understand before growing a wide-variety of plants because their nature behaves differently than one another.

An annual plant completes its full growing cycle in a season and then dies.

A biennial plant takes 2 seasons to complete its life cycle. The first season it will remain in vegetative state. The next season it will bloom, may produce seeds, then die shortly thereafter.

Perennials are plants that are capable of surviving the winter and subsequently bloom on a yearly basis without the need for replanting.

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