Fall Planting Tips

Tips for Reseeding/Establishing a Lawn

From early September to mid-October, it is the most ideal time to plant a new lawn or reseed patches left over from the Summer. The reasons for this is because temperatures become more moderate and it rains more frequently. Plus, it takes an average of 4 weeks for the grass seed to fully mature and establish itself. Planting grass after this period may run the risk of seed dormancy or a frost may kill the unestablished grass.

The first step that needs to be taken, much like Spring planting, is to rake up dead patches of grass that have accumulated due to the Summer heat.  It is then recommended to apply some fresh screened topsoil preferrably with a peat blend which “sweetens” the soil.

After the soil has been prepared, a light application of a 12-12-12 (or similar) fertilizer will help establish the proper nutritional conditions for the new seed.  The area should be now ready for fresh grass seed. Once the grass seed has been applied, it would be a good idea to overlay the area with straw which traps in the moisture. Do not remove the straw until 2 or 3 mowings to insure the grass is firmly rooted and established.